Sentinel Group

Security Screwbolts

The pathway that led us to introduce this range of High Security Screwbolts was an interesting one.

We were approached by an existing customer who was having trouble with some more traditional hammer in type concrete anchors failing. The fasteners needed to provide a high security finish as they were being used inside a prison cell.

The solution was to install some of our PROLOK SCREWBOLTS  with recess plugs to make them a permanent fixing. These screwbolts are incredibly quick and easy to install, watch the video see how:


These screwbolts don’t come with the recess plugs so if you require a neat finish but aren’t really so fussed about security this could still be a valid option for you.

View the range of Button head or Countersunk sizes here.

A major benefit of this type of anchor over more traditional “expansion type” anchors is that they don’t put outwards pressure on the surrounding concrete. What this means is that you can use these much closer to the edge of concrete slabs without running into problems of cracking or damaging the concrete on installation. For technical info download the Flyer here.