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The Highest Security Removable Fastener

Have you ever needed a fastener that offers a serious level security and been told you need to use a permanent, non-removable fastener?

In some cases, it is important that these fasteners can be removed by authorized persons when required but a “standard” security fastener just won’t Read More→

Value of the Month – Generating Trust

We believe that core values is what keeps a business together, without values an organisation or individual with sorely Read More→

Sentinel Drive Thread Forming Bolts

A product that is not commonly know in our range of Security Fasteners is the Sentinel drive thread forming bolt.

Thread forming bolts can Read More→

May 2016 – Operations Performance

Our Operations team here at Sentinel have committed to working towards a target of 99% of items shipped correctly and on time. This takes into account a lot of activities that include our entire purchasing, warehousing and dispatch teams working together. Read More→

How to check stock and order from the Sentinel website

Introducing the new Sentinel Group website!

Watch these short videos on the ease of ordering stock from the Sentinel website along with the ability to check available stock.

Take the hassle out of phone calling and checking stock, order online with Sentinel today!

Read More→

Security Screwbolts

The pathway that led us to introduce this range of High Security Screwbolts was an interesting one. Read More→

Application Advice


If an intruder has enough time or resources he will be able to open almost anything. Remember the now infamous Hatton Garden heist in Easter 2015 where intruders gained access through Read More→

Made to measure specials

If your application is like none other and requires custom fastening solutions……lets hear about it!

Over the years, Sentinel has been involved in many projects requiring custom-made fasteners designed to specific needs. If your application is like none other and you can’t find what you need in our standard range then let us help you design a Custom-Made solution. Read More→

Customised security fasteners for Playground Manufacturers

Could your playgrounds be better with Customised Security fasteners? Answer this question in 2 minutes…. Read More→

Target Industries


The security fastener market is growing and you should get YOUR share of it!

Check our target industry list below to see who else you could be selling this range to.

Click HERE to download a basic target industries list Or Click HERE to download a detailed list with suggested products for each industry.

(Note, this list can also be used as a sales budget tool for your sales team!)