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The Highest Security Removable Fastener

Have you ever needed a fastener that offers a serious level security and been told you need to use a permanent, non-removable fastener?

In some cases, it is important that these fasteners can be removed by authorized persons when required but a “standard” security fastener just won’t be suitable because of the availability of driver tools in hardware stores.

Meet the Uni-Set fastener…

It is possible to have the best of both worlds in this case! The Prolok Uni-set fastener is a removable security fixing that still gives and extremely high level of security.

How is this achieved?

Quite simply, the Uni-set High Security system acts like a lock and key with each customer getting a unique recess shape with tools licenced and only available to them.

Find out more about how this works:

If you job doesn’t require such and extreme security level, another product option you could consider would be the Pentaforce recess. This is a registered drive that is not available in “off-the-shelf” driver bit sets.

Pentaforce fasteners are available in Machine screws, Self Tapping screws, Self Drilling screws for steel and Type 17’s for timber applications.

If you feel your application requires something unique like a Uni-set or Pentaforce security fixing, reach out to us below:

Uni-set fasteners have been used to properly secure valuable assets like:

  • Access covers preventing copper theft
  • Prison door hardware
  • High Security fencing
  • Light poles