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If an intruder has enough time or resources he will be able to open almost anything. Remember the now infamous Hatton Garden heist in Easter 2015 where intruders gained access through the roof of the building and “cut” a large hole through the vault wall to gain access to the safe deposit boxes and got away with about £14M worth of jewellery & diamonds!

However by using security fasteners you can certainly make it harder for the would-be intruder. Using fasteners with registered drivers is important and there are a number of ways to proactively apply fasteners to further enhance the level of security.

 Here are some fastener application suggestions

Placing fasteners in tight corners makes access to the fastener harder and will reduce ‘impulse tampering’                  Application news 1

Where it is feasible you may consider placing fasteners [especially security nuts] in a recess or similar enclosure as this can further raise the level of security by making it harder for the intruder to use conventional tools like vice grips on the fastener.

Application news 2

Another option, especially if installing a number of similar panels or switch boxes for example is to use a number of different driver types. The casual intruder is scarcely likely to have 4 different driver types in their pocket!

Application news 3

Yet another option for larger fasteners is the use of plugs in the drive recess. By using rubber plugs you can seal the recess from dirt etc and also mask the drive type.  Steel plugs are available for certain standard hex and torx recesses.  These are hammered into place and will render the fastener non-removable.   Standard fasteners just became high security!

Application news 4

Here are some examples of security fasteners combined with regular components  

No Go security enclosures can be used to turn standard hex head bolts or nuts into PERMANENT fixings.
Application news 6Application news 6aApplication news 6b





Armour rings can also be used to achieve a very similar result:

Application news 5c

If you are needing something to secure a very wide application a good option to think about would be using a piece of allthread/threaded rod with 2 security nuts as shown belowApplication news 5a


Or even a cup head bolt with a security nut would give a very effective finish

Application news 5b

Need Advice?

Do you have a specific application that needs to be more secure but you still can’t find a solution?  Post your application in the box below and let our experts help you find a solution. Attach a photo or a drawing if you have one.